07 octobre 2008

Flower Fairies : Postcard Book - Cicely Mary Barker

Book description :Who wouldn't want to receive a fairy in the mail? Send a Flower Fairy to a friend with a postcard from the new edition of the Flower Fairies Postcard Book. Thirty full-color postcards, printed on sturdy card stock, with Cicely Mary Barker's most popular fairies are included. Each full-size card is labeled with the name of its fairy and the book it first appeared in. __________ La description du livre :Qui ne voudrait pas recevoir une fée par courrier ? Envoyez une Fée des Fleurs à un ami avec une carte de la... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2008

Fairie-ality: The Fashion Collection from the House of Ellwand

Product Description :   Do you believe in fairies? How about high fashion? Enter the exquisite world of fairie fashion - where feathered hats are designed for maximum lift, oak leaf jackets boast ample wing vents, and flower-petal flats are easily removable for flight.   __   Here you can see a bit a of the book.
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04 septembre 2008

fairy island - Laura C. Martin and Cameron Martin

Editorial description Noted nature crafter Laura Martin has created a fantasy for fairy-lovers. Its conceit involves a botanist, Christine Newkirk, who has discovered five tiny houses on a magical island, all made from natural materials on a perfect fairy scale—the houses are no more than 18 inches high, beds are 2 x 3 inches, shoes are 1 inch long. She documents her finds in a field diary she is keeping for her granddaughter. The woodland cottage is filled with bent twig furniture. The Japanese house displays bamboo slippers... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2008

L'heure des fées - Pascal Moguérou

Editorial description Qu'il est doux ce moment où le temps suspend son cours, l'heure fragile et délicieuse entre rêve et conscience où les souvenirs ramènent aux saveurs de l'enfance... L'heure des fées.   (translation : How sweet is this instant when time suspends its lesson, the fragile and delightful hour between dream and conscience where memories bring back to tastes of childhood... The hour of the fairies.) ___   I like the drawings of fairies' lifestyle...
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