12 juillet 2011

birth announcement card (part 3 - final)

Here are the birth announcement cards. Finally I only did printed versions 'cause it would have took TOO MUCH time to do a more complicated thing. the two models :       the choosen one :       The paper was chosen by my step mother as she did the printing. The paper was so nice ! There was some pieces of gold paper in the paper (that I couldn't take in photo).     PS : sorry it took so long to update this blog, but I have few time for me... And I really thought I've... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2011


Last year I've joined Lindsay Ostrom's writing list. This year, she asked if I wanted to be part of it again but I knew I wouldn't have much time to only answer people, and really have no time to make cards. She is such a sweet person ! I answered lately that I couldn't join this year, and she still sent a card to congratulate me for my new family.  
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